Buying a Wardrobe With Shelves

Buying a Wardrobe With Shelves

When purchasing a wardrobe with shelves, you need to consider the material used. Avoid laminate or particle board made from cheap materials. These materials are not sturdy and will bow in a few months. They also have poor reaction to moisture, causing the layers to separate and peel. Some types of laminate are more durable, but they may be more expensive.


A chiffarobe wardrobe is an unusual piece of furniture with shelves and a row of drawers. The name is derived from the French word chiffonier, which means “rag gatherer,” and means “to store or carry.” In the 19th century, people used these types of wardrobes to store their clothes.

A chiffarobe is similar to an armoire, with the difference being in the size and style. They are usually larger than a closet, and they can be rearranged and moved around to maximize their space. Generally, they contain a row of shelves on the bottom and a row of drawers above the top cupboard. Some chifferobes have shelves on the sides as well as the top and are more narrow than their armoire cousins.

Elba Rustic Solid Wood Wardrobe Armoire

This rustic solid wood wardrobe with shelves and drawers is an impressive piece of furniture. It measures 72″ tall and 36″ wide. Its doors feature a decorative pattern with different colors. Inside, it has two spacious shelves and two drawers for storage. Unlike many other wardrobes, this one stands off the floor and is a great option for those looking for extra storage space.

Its coastal look will give your bedroom a refined touch. This armoire has double cabinet doors and two spacious 8 1/4″ deep drawers for storage. The construction is strong, too!

Elba Rustic Solid Wood Chiffarobe

Elba’s Rustic Solid Wood Chiffarobe has a large wardrobe compartment, drawers, and removable shelves. It stands 72″ tall and 36″ wide. It features a repeating pattern in several colors on the doors. It has two large shelves and two drawers that can be removed to create more storage space. The armoire is also distinguished by its extended sides.

Chiffarobes used to be used for storing clothing, but today’s models offer multiple compartments and drawers. Some are even designed to hold televisions and entertainment fixtures. Amish artisans handcraft each piece to fit your home. Choose the wood, stain, and hardware to personalize your new piece.

The Essentials Collection Wardrobe

The Essentials Collection has a great variety of options to make your space more functional and stylish. The collection includes bookcases, TV Stands, and stylish shoe cabinets. Each unit features slatted door fronts to allow air to circulate around your footwear. Its sturdy, raised-off-the-floor design also keeps your shoes fresh and tidy.

Each unit comes with adjustable shelves for maximum organization. Each full-width shelf can hold up to 180 pounds. Half-width shelves can accommodate up to 90 pounds. The unit meets ANSI-BIFMA industry standards and is Greenguard Gold certified.

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This rustic solid wood wardrobe with shelves is a beautiful way to add storage and visual interest to your bedroom. This floating shelf can be used to display keepsakes, books, or other items. The shelves are adjustable, and they come in different lengths. You can buy a set of six, or you can get them individually. They come with mounting hardware and can hold up to twenty pounds each.

This rustic style originated in the late 1800s in England, heavily influenced by romanticism. By the 20th century, it had spread to the United States. Many wealthy New Yorkers began to adopt this look. The National Park Service embraced the style as well. It has become one of the most popular furniture styles.

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