Expert Advice on Selecting the Best Chest of Drawers

Expert Advice on Selecting the Best Chest of Drawers

Do you misplace your socks, leggings, vests, and other small clothing due to inadequate storage? This does not need to happen as there is the solution of getting a chest where you can organize such clothing and accessories. A chest of compartments has numerous uses as one can use them as something they can use to display their décor or pictures. Add some sophistication to your bedroom by finding the most suitable made chest of drawers for your home.

Style of the drawer chest

For centuries, these drawers have existed, and their styles have evolved with time, so there are different styles one can select from. A modern chest of drawers is visually gratifying as they are keen on aesthetics and durability and most blend with the contemporary look of your bedroom. There is the Victorian style, the minimalist and sleek, trendy styles one can rely on to bring some noticeable effect on their room. On your hunt for drawer chests, ensure that you select those that will not disrupt the color scheme of your room.

Number of drawers for the chest

The storage you seek affects the number of drawers you get for your furniture drawers, and this is why you need to recognize your needs before bringing any dressing drawers home. For ample storage, you may opt for chest drawers with shelves as this is more space for you. Remember, when the number of drawers is high in the unit, the unit is taller, which means you may use it to store many things and avoid clutter.

Material of the drawers

The material of your chest matters a lot as it has to impact your room aesthetically and not interfere with your bedroom décor. Wood is a versatile and suitable material for creating these drawers as they have a nature of lasting long. It is also easy to maintain wood drawers as they do not need any special care to be durable. Buy chest of drawers [] you want depending on the environment at home, as you can also buy those made of glass, faux leather, and veneer or custom drawers.

Accents of the chest

The finishing touches of that 120cm chest of drawers you have your eye on should matter as you want them to make a significant difference in your bedroom. You can get a chest of drawers with shelf to achieve a particular look you are aiming for, and there is nothing wrong with this. Match the dresser with shelves with the existing items in your bedroom. Be keen on the ways of opening a drawer, like whether the drawers have hidden handles, metal knobs, rope pulls, or long bars.


Drawers with shelves are great for your bedroom in terms of storage if this is what you are after. Get your money’s worth and a chest you will love and use for a long time.

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